The narrow escapes in nursing schools in Texas have saved the lives of dozens of people and saved nursing school students in the state, a new study shows.

The study found that at least 1,500 people died in nursing homes during the years from 1997 to 2016, and another 10,000 were seriously injured.

Some were children who had been admitted with breathing problems or who were treated with sedatives, the study says.

At least 3,500 nursing school residents have been able to return to work and are working as normal.

“These isolated escapes have helped save lives,” said Dr. Elizabeth O’Reilly, who led the study at the University of Utah.

O’Reilly’s team found that the narrow escapes have saved about 700 nursing school patients and their families from the trauma and death of their peers.

The team also found that in some cases, nursing home residents were able to get help for their health problems and their lives have improved.

The small number of deaths in nursing facilities also helped to save more than 500 nursing school beds and other supplies, the team found.

A nursing home’s narrow escapes, a way to get a nurse home for a day, are common.

Nursing homes often have their own private rooms and kitchens, with limited access to outside space, according to the study.

That means the nurse could go to a nursing home for an extended period of time and find herself in a situation where she couldn’t take care of herself or others.

Nursing homes and nursing students often have access to safe, clean spaces in which they can escape to.

The narrow escape also allowed a nursing student to get away from the crowded and stressful environment of a nursing facility, O’ Reilly said.

Some students may also have been taken to other homes, where they could escape to safety.

For example, a student who was a nurse in a nursing school, but was discharged to a hospital because of an illness may have been unable to leave because the hospital would not let her go to another nursing home, the researchers found.

O`Reilly and her colleagues found that people who died in their nursing homes were often unable to get to other hospitals and nursing homes because they were too far from home.

The study found many deaths occurred when nursing home students were treated for a serious health problem or were admitted to a critical care unit.

Many deaths in the study occurred at nursing homes with no emergency room, meaning the nurse or student was treated at home.

Nursing home residents who could not go to the nearest hospital could be treated at a nearby nursing home.

In some cases where patients were transported to other nursing homes, patients did not receive the proper medical care, the findings show.

The lack of access to care in nursing home settings is one of the major contributing factors to deaths, O`Reilly said.

For the study, the research team used data from the National Center for Health Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

It also relied on data from a private nursing home in Texas, where about 1,600 nursing school families lived.

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