The Madison High school of Rockport, Illinois, is in a bit of a pickle when it comes to the Labor Day weekend.

The Madison School District is canceling classes on Labor Day and Wednesday because of “a labor dispute” with its teachers.

The district has said that some teachers are leaving the school, but it says the majority of teachers remain.

A teacher has been charged with felony arson for setting a fire that destroyed some of the school’s buildings and classrooms.

“There is no doubt that this labor dispute is impacting our teachers,” Madison School Superintendent Gary R. Martin told The Associated Press.

“They are being impacted by it.

We are trying to keep them safe and to make sure they are not hurting any students.

We also want to make it clear to the parents and students that the district is committed to a safe and productive school year.” 

Madison High School Principal William G. Hagerty told the AP that the school is not “going to shut down” for the Labor Week weekend, but that there are “issues with staffing, scheduling, equipment, and other issues” that have delayed its opening.

Hagan County Schools, which includes Madison, said that it will “continue to support our students.”

“It is a challenging time for our students and staff, especially the teachers,” Hagan School Superintendent John F. Breslin told The AP.

“Our goal is to be ready to provide the best education possible for our student body.” 

“We’re working with our teachers and our school resource officer to ensure they are safe and prepared,” Hagerts said.

“It is important that everyone in the district understands what is happening.

It is not OK for us to be involved in this.”

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