Students have taken to Twitter to share photos of their school supply lists and offer their thoughts on what to buy.

The list is available on the school supply website, and there are currently more than 30,000 school supply brands available, with schools including Boston College, New York University, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Johns Hopkins University among the schools.

The school supply brand list has been updated weekly, so if you have a favorite school, you can sign up to see if your school has been included.

The school supply company that has the most schools on their list has previously shared their list with the media and students.

The list contains the most popular school supply schools, as well as a list of brands that are not included in the list.

If you are interested in buying a school brand, click here to see the list for yourself.

There are more than 2,500 school supply products available on Amazon and at other retailers.

There are a few school supply companies, like Boston College and New York Universities, that have exclusive agreements with brands.

Schools can also use their school supplies to teach their students and students can purchase their school merchandise through school-owned stores like the one at the Boston College store.

Some schools have partnered with other companies to produce school supplies.

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