What is a public school tuition in Chicago?

A law school education is a degree that allows a student to pursue an advanced degree.

Students who choose a law degree often earn millions of dollars.

But in the past two years, the cost of attending a public law school has risen at a staggering rate. 

The cost of attendance for an undergraduate law school student in the United States rose from $16,000 in 2012 to $32,000 this year.

This is due in part to a new law that requires law schools to provide tuition waivers for students who are attending school after completing their law degree.

The waiver program is now available to all law schools in the country, but the waiver is only available to schools that receive federal financial aid. 

In 2014, students who were admitted to law schools that had not previously received a waiver could still obtain the waiver if they completed their law degrees at an accredited school.

But because the waiver program was not in place prior to 2014, it is possible for students to still enroll in schools that did not have a waiver. 

How much does a law graduate earn in Chicago per year?

In 2014, a student who was admitted to an accredited law school could earn $16.5 million in wages, according to an analysis by Chicago Public Schools. 

But for those who are not eligible for a waiver, the law school can deduct up to $5,000 per year in tuition, fees and books for their students. 

For students who complete their degree at an American school, their earnings may vary depending on where they went to school. 

This chart shows the difference between how much a student earns for attending a school that has a waiver and the amount they would earn if they had not received the waiver.

Source: University of Chicago College of Law: Salary report

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