Teachers are increasingly finding themselves in the crosshairs of the federal government, and it’s not all their fault.

They have little choice.

In the latest round of attacks, the Trump administration is demanding that local schools take drastic measures to meet new standards for graduation and retention.

It’s not a problem they can fix, according to the teachers union.

But what happens if they don’t?

The answer: a massive government takeover of the nation’s education system.

And it’s one that threatens to reshape the entire nation’s future.

For years, teachers across the country have been calling for better school funding and better academic outcomes.

But the Trump era has seen an alarming uptick in attacks on public school teachers.

“We have a situation where the federal bureaucracy is trying to take over our schools, and that’s something that we’re really upset about,” said Amy Boudreau, a teacher at Guilford County School District.

As she prepares for the start of school next year, the Guilfords are among thousands of public school students facing the prospect of a new, more challenging school year.

They’re facing the reality that there are no more teachers, no more counselors, no fewer teachers with specialized skills to teach them.

The district is looking at options ranging from closing schools and cutting staff to creating new ones to hire teachers with different teaching styles.

And that’s not going to help any students get through it.

Boudrieos students are starting school this fall.

Teachers have a lot of concerns about what the future holds, she said.

They see a lot more competition from charter schools, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The new school year will be a big change, she explained.

Boudreau is also concerned about what happens to her students.

Students will need to learn in a new learning environment, she noted.

And even if they can make it through the school year, they’ll need to stay in school.

In a recent report, the American Federation of Teachers called the Trump Education Department’s latest demand that school districts make drastic changes to graduation and other standards for students “unacceptable and outrageous.”

The Education Department has used its power under Title IX, the federal law that requires federal funding for educational programs, to pressure schools into closing, cutting classes and other measures that it claims are unfair to students, teachers and their families.

The agency has taken on more than 1,000 local and state governments and schools to pressure them to close.

That includes taking over Guilfingers public school system, which has nearly 5,000 students.

The federal government has spent $50 million on a statewide campaign aimed at getting Guilfs schools to meet the new standards.

But it’s already taken drastic steps to try to close Guilfores schools.

It wants the district to eliminate nearly a third of its student body, which is more than one-third of its total enrollment.

And the district is now under the control of a special-education coordinator.

The coordinator, who was hired by the Trump Administration, is expected to push schools to close by mid-April, after the new school term starts.

In Guilferys case, it’s a big leap from the start.

More: The new school is being built with a $3 million federal grant from the federal Department of Education.

That grant is not going into the district’s budget, but the school district is trying hard to collect it, according of Guilfders superintendent, John Pyle.

Agency officials say Guilfeards schools are going to be better off if they stay open and students stay in class.

But that’s just not happening.

Guilfortes students are having to leave their classrooms.

And they have no way to stay up to date on where the school is going to close next.

They don’t know if the government is going after them for failing to meet its standards.

And their parents don’t have access to the new technology the district wants to offer.

“We’re not going back into the dark ages,” said Guilffers Superintendent Pyle, who added that Guilgerys is already facing the threat of being cut off from federal education funds.

When the new year begins in GuilFords district, students will have the option to stay home.

And Boudreyes parents, teachers, students and teachers at Guillford and other schools are worried about what might happen to them and their kids.

Guilford, a town of less than 5,200 people on the western edge of the New England state of Connecticut, has struggled financially since a string of devastating natural disasters.

It has had to make difficult choices about how to raise its students and how to pay its bills.

It opened a new high school to help students who otherwise would have gone to a public school.

It also has opened a charter school to give more

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