Gaston County schools will not have a high school basketball game this season after it was forced to forfeit its game with the University of Georgia.

The decision comes after the district was informed that the Georgia Bulldogs were unable to play on Saturday at the College Park Civic Center due to weather conditions.

The game had been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 31, at 1:30 p.m.

The Gaston-Lebanon County School District is located about 30 miles south of Atlanta and is a member of the American Association of Counties.

The district is one of the first in Georgia to announce the loss of a high-school basketball game.

Gaston and Lincolnton school officials said that the postponement was made due to a severe weather system.

In a statement, Gaston district spokeswoman Megan McElvoy said the decision was made after the weather conditions deteriorated and that it was “not an ideal situation for a game that would be held at the Civic Center.”

McElvoyle said the district has reached out to the UGA athletic department and is awaiting comment.

“This decision has been made in the best interests of our students and district,” McEviloy said.

Gaston County School Board member Mike Henson said the school district is disappointed in the decision. “

We appreciate the cooperation of the Georgia State Patrol as we continue to monitor the situation.”

Gaston County School Board member Mike Henson said the school district is disappointed in the decision.

He said the postponing of the game was a big blow to the district, which has been trying to regain the interest of the school community.

I think it is really disappointing.

I mean, we have had an outstanding team for a number of years, and the students are really looking forward to it, and it is unfortunate, but it is something we are going to have to deal with, he said.

This is something that was never going to happen.

We have had several meetings and discussions, and there was no resolution.

We are disappointed in this decision, but we are working to make it happen.

Henson said he is hoping that the district can get a new home for its team.

He also said the students will get back to the field and play games, and he is hopeful that the games will go on as scheduled.

In a news release issued Wednesday, the district said it was aware of a storm that hit the state on Saturday, October 15, causing severe weather conditions to impact its operations.

The district said that due to the severe weather, the Gaston school district will not be able to play the game Saturday, Nov. 1, at the civic center.

Gaston schools also said they are still planning for the possibility of losing another high school game to the Bulldogs.

“In the meantime, we are still working to get our high school back on track,” the district statement said.

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