A charter school has won a bid to take over a historic Cabarras County school building.

The Cabarracina School District said Tuesday that it’s winning a $100 million dollar contract with K-12 Education Solutions to replace the historic Cabrini-Green School building.

This historic building is located on the corner of Cabrino Road and Highway 6 in Cabrinos Del Mar. The building is a part of the historic downtown Cabrines del Mar, which includes the historic Portola and the historic El Toro.

The historic building was the largest school building in Caber’s history, with 1,500 students and teachers in kindergarten through eighth grade.

The school district said it wants to use the building for educational and cultural programs.

The project will cost about $100,000 per year and will be financed through the K-9, Childcare, and Recreation funding.

K-12 has been in talks with the school district for several years.

The district said the Cabrinni-Green Building has been vacant for a long time, and it wanted to put in a project that could keep it in the same condition.KIDS ARE CHILD TO BE CHILDREN: HOW IS CHARTER SCHOOL WORKING?

In 2016, the school board voted to replace both the Cabrillin Green and the Cabarrascina Green with a new facility that will accommodate about 800 students and about 30 teachers.

The new school will have classrooms that are about the same size as the old school.

This new school building is currently used as a school cafeteria, which is about the size of a gymnasium.

The cafeteria is about 20,000 square feet.

It has seating for 2,000.

The new school has a total of about 12,000 students, about 1,000 teachers, and 300 janitors.

The old school is home to the Cabrinco Family School, which was the first charter school to open in Cabaras.

The school has about 1.2 million students, including 1,300 children in kindergarten.

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