By Steve BittenbenderPublished October 06, 2017 08:50:25The federal government is ending a weekend of work for some workers on Friday and returning the rest of the country to normal on Saturday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says the weekend off for those who work on the National Guard and National Guard Reserves will begin at 8:00 a.m.

ET on Saturday, and it will end at 10:00 p.m., ET on Sunday.

The National Guard will be closed to all non-essential civilian employees.

The National Guard is the largest and most influential component of the military in the United States, with 1.2 million active duty and reserve members.

The government has been taking the holiday as a chance to re-open schools, reopen roads and re-locate people to help rebuild from Hurricane Harvey.

It has also been using it to send holiday cards to federal employees.

On Friday, the government was taking advantage of the weekend to extend its own workers’ day, and the federal government was extending the same to its contractors, with the National Guardsmen’s Day Holiday.

The U.S. Army has also extended its own holiday.

The federal agencies that employ the nation’s 3.5 million federal workers will be back in business on Saturday at 6:00 pm.

They’ll continue to work until 10:30 p.t., and the Federal Aviation Administration will resume operations at 10 pm.

The FAA will still take calls on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, the U.N. Security Council will meet to discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and President Donald Trump will speak about it in New York.

On Monday, Congress will meet for a vote on a spending bill that will fund the government through September.

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