Stuyvens High School senior Jordan Bowerman is one of the most successful high school graduates in the country.

He graduated with a 4.3 GPA in his first year at Stuyveants High and then went on to win multiple scholarships and internships at tech giants like Apple and Microsoft.

His first venture was a social media company called that was sold for $2 million in 2014.

Since then, he’s gone on to start, a new venture that offers the same service but for $1.25 per month.

Bowerman, who graduated from Stuyvoans high school in 2015, started in 2015.

It’s the same company he was working at when he started Stuys.

“I think it’s an incredible journey,” Bowermans sister, Nicole, said.

“I mean, you’ve got to understand how important your school is and how important a college degree is.”

Stuyvesantes high school has become the Silicon Valley of the Upper West Side, attracting tech-savvy students and promising entrepreneurs.

It was the location for the first-ever tech incubator in New York City.

Stuyvez, which stands for Stuyvingtons College, has been hosting tech events like the annual tech meetup at the headquarters in Stuyvan since 2012.

Bowersman said he’s seen the impact of his experience.

He’s always had the same attitude, even though I’m a high school kid.

“Every time I’ve been here, it’s been the same thing: ‘Wow, what a fantastic opportunity to have this opportunity.

What an incredible learning experience.

It just really is just so rewarding,” Bowersman told TechRadars.

Beverly says it’s important to learn about the business side of the tech world.

“Tech is a really interesting world, and it really comes down to a very, very narrow set of things,” she said.

“The people are passionate about it, and the passion drives the company.

So I think it just makes it really exciting to be part of it.”

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