Posted October 02, 2018 12:10:23Students with learning impairments (IEL) can benefit from learning and learning-related activities that help them learn, but they may not benefit as much from activities that allow them to work independently.

For example, a student with learning impairment could benefit from the use of a desk or other work area that allows them to do their own work.

But this could also be a disadvantage in an office environment, since students often need to move around the office to avoid interruptions.

Learning disability education is a critical component of education for many students with disabilities, particularly those who are more severely impaired.

To help students with a learning disability, school districts and community groups should be aware of the following issues.

The types of activities and facilities that students need to be able to learn are different for everyone.

Students with learning difficulties may benefit from activities and equipment that can help them to learn, such as reading, writing and listening to speech.

Students with reading disabilities can benefit by having more time to read, which is important for learning.

The reading disability is not always a disability that affects one’s ability to read.

For example, if a student is having difficulty with one or more areas of reading, this might be due to the use or lack of a particular type of reader or device.

Students who have trouble with reading and writing may benefit by learning to use a variety of reading aids, such to read or write with a pen or to write in pen and ink.

As a general rule, students who are learning and need assistance in their academic and personal lives should be given the opportunity to participate in learning activities that enable them to benefit from those activities.

Students in high-needs communities can benefit even more from learning activities, including sports and recreational activities that include activities for people with learning and disability disabilities.

However, students with hearing impairments may not need to participate because hearing aids can help with some of the activities they need to do, such working at a desk, using a wheelchair or reading or writing on a screen.

If students need assistance with activities that can be helpful to them, they should be provided the opportunity.

For more information about learning disabilities, visit the National Institutes of Health website at

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