A community meeting in the Spokane Public School District will take place on February 3.

The event, called the “School Safety Week,” is the first of its kind in the region.

It is being hosted by the Spokane Police Department.

The purpose of the meeting is to educate the community about what police and firefighters are trained to do, according to the district.

The meeting will include community participation and discussion, and there will be a presentation by the school’s chief of police.

The school district will be holding another meeting on February 12.

The district will also hold an informational session on February 17.

Police Chief Tim Busson told the Spokane Bee that the goal is to provide parents with an update on what they can expect from police in the future, as well as the new policies the school district is working on.

The Bee reported that the school board also plans to meet the following day, with the goal of meeting with police on February 18.

The new policies will help teachers, administrators and other school employees to better prepare for the potential threats that might come their way.

The goal is that the new policy will be implemented over the next year.

What you need to know about the coronavirus:

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