“You can make a video and put it on Facebook, but if you want to get up at 4 a.m. to get to class, you’re out of luck,” she said.

“You have to have the courage to walk into the classroom, to have an opportunity to speak.”‘

It’s all going to be okay’A year later, Horry County’s high school student who jumped to her death from a school bus in August 2016 is finally getting her diploma, and her family is proud.

Lena Williams said it all started when her father was driving the bus that took her from home to school.

He said it was supposed to take about two hours.

But he had a breakdown.

She said she was at home alone and couldn’t talk to him.

She thought she was dead.

She went to the ER.

Her father was taken to a hospital, but she died there.

She is the only student who died in a school-bus accident that month.

“I was on the bus at that time,” she told The Hill.

“I was trying to get out of the bus and they just started kicking me in the stomach and kicking me.”

Williams’ mother, Lyle, said her daughter’s family was stunned when the bus driver said they had an accident.

Lyle said they took her daughter to the hospital, where they found out her daughter had been in a car accident.

The mother told The Washington Post that the bus was in front of her daughter when she jumped, but they never found out why.

“She was the last one in the car,” she recalled.

“We were all looking around, thinking she was gone.

She wasn’t.”

The family decided to send her daughter off to an outside school, which is a common occurrence.

That’s when they found a school called Riverdale High School, which they say was safe.

But that doesn’t make it okay.

They have to be able to attend school and stay safe, Williams said.

Williams’ story is not unique.

In 2015, a student died in her high school after jumping from a bus and hitting her head on a concrete wall.

She had jumped from a different bus, but it was also safe.

In a 2015 case, a high school senior from a rural area jumped from her school bus and hit her head.

The bus driver told investigators the girl had fallen from the bus, and he believed she had died from a fall.

The Washington Post reported the school bus was inspected after the death, but the driver’s explanation was not followed up by authorities.

Williams, who is also a former student, said the incident will continue to affect her life.

“If I had a child, that would be the end of it,” she explained.

“She was my whole world, my entire world.

I never knew her family.”

Read moreThe story of a high-school student who killed herself in 2016 is not uncommon.

But Williams’ death was not the first high school death in a bus accident.

A year ago, the district reported that a student had died after jumping off a schoolbus in December 2016.

The boy was in his first year at a charter school, but died when he hit his head on the concrete wall of the school’s cafeteria.

The incident took place just before Thanksgiving.

But a spokesperson for the district told The Post that because the district’s school safety protocols and policies were not followed, the incident wasn’t investigated.

The district released a statement saying, “The District of Columbia School Safety and Outreach team works closely with the local district police department, district coroner, and the Washington State Department of Health to ensure that schools remain safe environments.

The District of Washington does not monitor school-related deaths or incidents.”

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