Wharton School is one of the top schools in the UK and has been running since the 1960s.

Today the school is also known as the University of Nottingham.

It is located in Nottinghamshire, about 15 miles (25km) west of the capital, Nottingham.

But in the past, it has also been known as Wharton College, a school founded by the famous American anthropologist William Wharton, who studied at the University, Oxford.

The school’s logo was designed by Wharton in 1912, and it was adopted in 1920 as the school’s official logo.

When the school was created, Wharton thought it would be a fun project.

He said: “Wharton College was an English university.

It had a name and a title, so it seemed like a very nice, natural way to introduce it. “

It was a bit of a waste to leave that to the students, so I designed a symbol for it which was not just a logo.

You’ve got the buildings, you’ve got those lovely buildings, it’s a very attractive school, it looks lovely. “

The whole school is a symbol of Englishness.

Wharton School now runs about 20 students and is one among many institutions in the world to have a Wharton logo on its website. “

It’s an excellent place for young people to learn and I think the school has done well.”

Wharton School now runs about 20 students and is one among many institutions in the world to have a Wharton logo on its website.

Whatton School said the logo is part of a wider strategy to make the school “a more global brand” and has “made a lot of progress” in the last decade.

It also said that since the Wharton website was launched, it had been featured in “thousands of media articles” in more than 50 countries.

Its logo has also appeared in the pages of magazines such as the Financial Times, the New York Times and the Economist.

In 2013, it was voted the UK’s most-visited school website by users.

But in 2015, it said that it had fallen behind in terms of visits from the United States.

Teachers have told the Times that the Whatton logo has become more of a “crisis icon” and students have “become a bit less likely to show up”.

One of the school principal’s comments to the Times was that Wharton had “changed the face of English learning”.

“We’re working with a number of partners, and we have an online community, and I don’t think we’ve ever had more than a handful of people coming to the school,” she said.

However, one of Wharton’s current teachers, James Lattimore, has been critical of the logo, saying it is “unnecessary”.

He told the paper that it has “a bit of an old school feel” and that “it does a great job of highlighting the great qualities of Whist, but it does not do anything to distinguish it from other institutions”.

Whistart School also says it has recently received more than 300,000 letters from students across the country.

On its website, Whistart says it “gives students a voice in the education process” and “provides a welcoming environment for all.”

It has also set up a website to educate students about the school logo.

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