The NCAA is now enforcing rules that require players to undergo drug testing after they return from a game.

And if they fail to follow those rules, they can be stripped of their eligibility.

Here’s a look at what the NCAA has to say about how the rules are to be enforced.


NCAA rules for players require players and coaches to undergo testing 2.

The NCAA rules require that players have a blood test 3.

The rules prohibit players from playing for a school until they have passed drug tests 4.

The players are allowed to play until they pass their drug tests 5.

If they don’t pass the tests, they lose eligibility 6.

Players who are suspended without pay for a year or longer are not eligible to play for another school 7.

If the NCAA finds that a player was suspended for a violation, the suspension will be permanent 8.

If a player does not complete the mandatory drug test within three months of being suspended, he or she will be ineligible to play in any sport, including the Olympics.


The college and university administrations have to agree on how to implement the new rules 10.

A player is not automatically ineligible for playing if he or her school finds that the player failed the mandatory test.


Players will be able to have a drug test at any time 12.

If there is an error on a player’s drug test, the student-actor will be reimbursed by the NCAA 13.

If an NCAA administrator finds that there is a problem with the drug test results, he can suspend the player or have him or her expelled from the college or university for a period of time of up to two years.


The student-actors can be punished by a student-body vote or a ruling by a judge.


The university administration is supposed to investigate the problem.


If any of these requirements are not met, a student will be suspended from the school.


If all of the requirements are met, the player can play until he or weeps.


The player will have to undergo the drug testing in the same place that he or he is being tested.


If he or a parent or guardian wants to get in touch with the student, the administrator has to inform the parent or the parent’s legal representative, or both, about the player and ask for a drug testing sample.


If no parent or legal representative gets in touch within 72 hours, the NCAA can terminate the student’s eligibility.


If, after 72 hours of having missed a drug tests, the drug tests come back positive, the school is allowed to suspend the student without pay.


If more than two positive tests are returned within two months, the coach or athletic director is allowed 10 days to appeal the decision.


If two or more positive tests were returned within three years, the university is allowed 15 days to determine whether to permanently expel the student or have the student expelled for a minimum of two years and the student must take another drug test.


If that decision is made to permanently dismiss a player, the next step is for the NCAA to revoke the student athlete’s eligibility and to suspend him or his parents from the university until they receive a positive test.


If at least one of the two positive test results is in the school’s academic records, the athletic director can take disciplinary action against the student.

If sanctions are not imposed, the athlete can play in another sport for up to one year.


If discipline is imposed, if the school finds the drug results on the athlete were false, the athletics director can request a hearing and the NCAA hearing can be held.

The hearing can take place before a student representative of the NCAA Board of Directors, which includes representatives from the NCAA, the college, and universities.

If you or anyone you know is suspended from college or high school sports for an academic or drug-related offense, call the National Student-Athlete Center at 800-662-3300 or visit to learn more.

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