The sudden death of a driver in the west of Scotland is sparking concerns over the risk of cars being destroyed by a fire, the government has warned.

A report by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has warned that fire-prone roads and areas in north-east Scotland are particularly at risk of sudden death, which could have catastrophic consequences for occupants.

The Scottish Government’s Roads and Maritime Safety Service has estimated that as many as 10,000 people could be affected by the risk.

Roads may also become closed due to fire, ice or water damage.”””

Vehicles may fail to stop for pedestrians or cyclists on a closed road.”

Roads may also become closed due to fire, ice or water damage.””

These risks could also result in the loss of life or injuries,” the report added.

Scottish Ambulance Service has issued a warning to motorists to be vigilant and make sure they have adequate emergency supplies.

It said that in the event of a sudden death or serious injury, the driver must immediately call an ambulance.

The fire service said that the risk to the public is low but warned that a driver’s failure to do so could result in a car being destroyed.”

It is also important that the person who caused the crash is caught and charged with a crime,” it said.”

The law states that the driver who causes an accident must have been aware of all the risks and should not have driven at all.

“A number of high profile collisions involving vehicles have been blamed on drivers over the past few years.

In February, the fire service issued a major alert after a car travelling on the A8 in the south of England was set alight by a blaze.

A number were killed and 11 were injured.

In March, an Audi R8 crashed into a truck on a motorway in North Yorkshire.

The driver was arrested and the fire brigade said the driver had a previous conviction for driving under the influence.

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