In the months since the closure of Lee County’s schools, some school board members have voiced their support for students who lost their jobs in the closures.

But others have said they were shocked to learn that the closure had occurred.

Some of the district’s schools are closed for the holidays, including Lee Middle School in Piedmont.

School board members said they’re still trying to make sense of what happened and what lessons have been learned.

“It was an amazing loss of a wonderful place,” said Lee County School Board President Gary Smith, a former Republican lawmaker.

“I think it’s a victory by everybody.”

The Lee County school district has a total of 1,813 students in grades 3 to 12, and most of the remaining students are in grades 5 through 12.

The district is located in one of the poorest communities in the state.

About 60 percent of the school district’s 1,700 students live in poverty, and more than half of them live in households that qualify for federal food assistance.

The state and local government has struggled to provide enough food to the district and its students.

The county’s schools also receive $1.3 million from the federal government every year to help cover the costs of educating the students.

But school districts have struggled to keep up with the rising cost of school meals.

As of June 30, Lee County schools had an estimated $2.6 million in food stamp expenses.

But many district staff and parents have said it’s been too much.

In a school board meeting in January, a group of parents asked school board leaders to increase the number of meals students are given.

Many parents also wanted more guidance on how to provide meals to students with special needs, including students with disabilities.

A spokeswoman for the Lee County Board of Education said in a statement that the district is working to address the issues raised in the parents’ letter.

“We’re continuing to address our concerns and working with school leaders to address them,” spokeswoman Rebecca Hoch said.

School districts in Texas have been struggling to keep pace with the growth in the number and cost of meals provided to students.

At a recent hearing in Austin, school district leaders were asked if the district would be able to provide lunch to students without assistance from the state, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps.

A federal judge recently ruled that Texas is obligated to provide free meals to children with special medical needs.

Schools are being asked to continue providing meals to the children, even though Texas does not have an obligation to provide them.

School district officials said in January that they will be using the state’s Food and Nutrition Services Agency to provide a list of eligible schools.

But a spokeswoman for that agency said she has not been able to locate a list.

The Food and Drug Administration said in February that it would work with school districts to determine if the state has a list or the state cannot provide a specific list.

State officials have said the state is not obligated to serve food to students in Texas with special health conditions.

“The state is responsible for ensuring that food is available to all eligible students, regardless of health or nutrition needs,” said Michael Luebke, the director of the state Department of Human Services.

“If the Department of Health and Human Services is unable to provide such a list, then the state must provide the list.”

The Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is the federal agency that oversees food safety, has not responded to a request for comment.

A state spokeswoman said the agency has not received any requests to make a list and has no plan to do so.

At the same time, state officials have been criticized for not meeting with school officials.

In January, the state Board of School Commissioners met with school district officials in a closed-door meeting.

They said they received information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources about the school closures.

They also said they had a list from the U

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