As of today, Texas is the only state in the country that requires all public elementary and secondary schools to allow all children in their classrooms to go out to the sand and take a dip in the ocean.

According to the Texas Education Agency, this decision came after an investigation into the “unhealthy and unsafe” behavior of some students in the district’s “sanctuary schools.”

It’s the first time in Texas history that schools have required all students in a district to take a beach vacation.

The rule comes as the state continues to grapple with a series of scandals involving undocumented students, sexual assault, and the state’s disastrous fiscal crisis.

But for now, Texas schools are still able to offer a few of their best summer recess opportunities.

In the meantime, some districts are still deciding whether to open their doors to students who are in the process of completing their summer school.

“I can’t imagine that many of our students would have a problem with going to the beaches or going to any other summer activity in our community,” said Travis County Public Schools Board Chair David Brown in an interview with the Austin American-Statesman.

“We have an opportunity here to provide an opportunity for kids to do something that they would not otherwise be able to do.

We also have a chance to provide a great learning experience for our students.”

Brown added that the district is open to accommodating all students, regardless of immigration status.

“It’s about making sure we have the opportunity to do the right thing,” he said.

“In our own community, it’s something that’s been going on for a while.”

Brown also noted that the decision to require all students to attend a summer camp was a collaborative effort among the district, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the State Board of Education, and other state agencies.

He also noted how these programs have proven successful in other areas.

“When it comes to education, it is a collaborative process,” he explained.

“There are a lot of factors that go into making that decision and making that commitment.

In some cases, it might not be a district decision that is going to be taken.

There might be a school board decision.

But it’s very collaborative, very collaborative.”

Brown went on to note that the state has an obligation to ensure all students are receiving an education.

“Our responsibility is to provide them with the highest quality education that they deserve,” he added.

While the state may have a choice of opening its doors to undocumented students on a case-by-case basis, some district officials are hesitant to do so. “

If you’re a student, you’re going to have an important part of your life that is spent in a learning environment,” Brown added.

While the state may have a choice of opening its doors to undocumented students on a case-by-case basis, some district officials are hesitant to do so.

“You have to remember, this is a state agency,” said County Commissioner Steve McCurry, who chairs the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and Public Safety.

“They’re looking at whether or not they can accommodate, in some cases for undocumented students that are going to go for that summer vacation, because they’re going in and out of school.”

As a result, some parents and students are choosing to opt out of the program altogether.

“The way we look at it, if a parent or student wants to opt-out, it should be done through the local board of education,” said McCurry.

“That way, it will be a decision that the school district makes.”

According to Brown, the district also has to be careful to protect the privacy of its students.

“All schools are different, and some have very strict privacy policies,” he told the Austin Statesman.

The decision to allow undocumented students to take part in the beach trip could be seen as a compromise, since many districts don’t have the resources to monitor every single student who takes part in a summer vacation.

In many instances, it can be difficult to tell exactly how many students in one school are participating in the program, because most schools aren’t equipped to handle such a large number of students.

In other instances, the numbers may be so small that even if schools do monitor every student who goes to the park, they’ll be unable to keep track of how many of them are participating.

In a statement to the Austin Chronicle, Brown said that the agency’s decision is in keeping with the policy of the district and the State of Texas.

“With the number of people who come to Texas for summer vacations, it makes sense for the state to provide the best environment for all of our residents,” Brown said.

The district also announced that it will implement the new policy after it receives a report from the state about how many schools are participating and how many undocumented students are participating, which will be released as soon as the data is available.

“While we cannot

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