More than 60 Hillsborough School District students will be offered a second chance at the state-funded high school in Hillsborough on July 17.

The district’s school board voted to accept the students into Hillsborough High School as a result of the district’s efforts to help them achieve academically and socially in the district.

The Hillsborough Hills School District says it hopes to reach out to each of its students individually, and in the future to offer them a second opportunity to enroll at Hillsboro High School, which is located at 5405 S. State Road 19, in the coming months.

“Our students are struggling and we want to make sure that they can succeed in the next steps of their education,” Hillsborough Schools Superintendent Scott Wieck told NewsChannel 5.

Students at Hillsbrook are expected to graduate with a degree in May 2019.

District officials say Hillsborough has been able to enroll more than 200 students who had been enrolled for only one or two years in Hillsboro Schools.

Wieck said the district is making an effort to increase its number of students enrolled in Hillsbrook.

“We’re doing a lot of outreach and we have some great resources available for our students,” Wiecks said.

School officials say the district has made improvements to the facilities and the facilities have improved.

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