This week, we take a look at a meme from the school’s Instagram account that’s been circulating on social media: A flatiron with a small photo of a smiling child sitting atop it.

“If I had a flatiron I’d take one from the Flatiron Academy,” the caption reads.

“They don’t take kids.”

The caption is accompanied by a photo of the child sitting on the flatiron, and the caption, like most of the rest of the post, is captioned with the name “Flatiron School.”

As the Daily Dot has previously reported, Flatiron schools are among the most popular online forums for “curious minds” to engage with each other and exchange ideas.

But, as with many online forums, the Flatirons themselves have been accused of exploiting their users.

A user on the FlatIronSchool subreddit wrote in May of this year that “the flatiron is not an institution and the school doesn’t have a place in society, especially if it is the only thing they have,” adding that “people are really not going to get the benefit of the doubt when they say that because we are the only ones who are allowed to post on the internet.”

Other users have accused the Flat Irons of “trolling” users by posting images of students posing with the school logo and a school banner that reads “Floor-to-Floor Learning.”

The FlatironSchools account has since deleted the tweet, but the account has not taken it down.

Another user, however, has taken it up and made it look even more sinister, using a screenshot of the Instagram post to illustrate the absurdity of the FlatiSchools message.

“It’s really easy to get your ass in trouble when you make a comment like this,” he wrote.

“I think it’s funny that they would think that their flatiron would get a negative reaction if you posted this tweet.”

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