As the US election looms, many schools across the country are taking a feminist stance and banning male students from attending classes.

But for some schools, such as Pomolinese High School, it’s a different story altogether.

A few weeks ago, administrators at Pomoliano High School in Pomolino, California, took the unusual step of banning male high school students from entering the girls’ restroom.

The decision came after a petition that was set up by a male student on the school’s Facebook page garnered over 10,000 signatures.

The Pomoliani School is a charter school in Pomolo, California.

Its students are mostly women, and it has a low dropout rate of less than 10 percent.

According to the school, the decision was made after a male classmate allegedly attacked a female student on campus last summer.

The student, who is now in college, was not identified.

According the Pomolinian School, the incident happened after the male student made derogatory comments about a female high school student in a Facebook post.

The student then allegedly grabbed the female student’s shirt and threatened to rape her.

The school also claimed that the student “has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” and “suffers from depression.”

The Pomolai School, however, is not the only school in the country to make this kind of drastic move against male students.

Last year, a student at the University of Michigan also received a restraining order against a male high student after he allegedly assaulted another female student.

A female student at Pomola High School said that the decision to ban male students was made in part due to the “fear of being labeled a sexist and a misogynist.”

“We had a male friend of mine who said he was a man and that he was bullied as a boy in high school,” the student told The Washington Post.

“And it was really hard for him to deal with that, because he didn’t want to be called a sexist or a misogynista.

And he just didn’t feel safe.”

Pomola High has since implemented an “inclusion policy,” in which students of any gender are welcome to attend classes.

“I have never had a single male student come to me with a grievance,” Pomolina High School’s Principal Maryanne Zane told the paper.

“In fact, if I have a male freshman, I’ll be able to invite them to a meeting and have them explain to me why they would be a problem for this class.

That’s what we do here.”

The school has also been working on implementing a diversity policy.

The district says it is working with a female representative to implement a policy that includes the inclusion of all genders, and that it is also working with other district officials to address the “problem of male students being unable to participate in classes because of their gender.”

According to Pomolinians, female students in Pomoli are more likely to be suspended, expelled or face criminal charges.

And female students who do attend Pomolini schools are more often denied admission, or face disciplinary action.

Pomolino High School is one of the more conservative districts in the state.

According to the US Census Bureau, Pomolinos population is 25.4 percent male.

The Pomolines median household income is $61,000.

The University of Minnesota also has a policy in place to ban men from attending certain classes.

And it recently announced that all male students will be required to take “sexual violence prevention classes.”

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