Driving school is a long-standing profession and there are many different types of schools in India, some accredited, some not.

There are also private schools, and there is no official certification to go by.

You can choose to go to a private school or a state-run driving school for a fee.

But in choosing a driving schools, you need to understand what the quality of their training is.

You also need to make sure you are prepared for the tests.

To find out more about the driving school industry in India and where to find driving school vacancies, click here.


The National Highway Administration, or NHAI, is the central agency responsible for road safety.

There is a driving test centre in Delhi called NHAIA (National Highway Administration Institute of Road Safety).

The driving test centres of the states and the union territories have different criteria to meet to be considered for the driving test.


There’s a driving testing centre in Hyderabad called the Institute of Driving Test (IDA).

IDA is the national centre for driving tests.

It has a very high success rate in making drivers pass the test.

There was one driver who got the test in Hyderat.

He was in the top 20 percent.


There should be no need to take a test.

Driving schools offer free testing, and it’s a good idea to take the test at least once.

The test is only worth passing if you pass the driving tests, so it’s best to do it once.


If you do pass the tests, you can expect to get a driving licence.

There can be any type of driving licence you can get.

The driving licence is usually valid for six years.


You need to pay a fee for the licence, which is called the fee for test.

For instance, if you need a driving license in Hyderabadi, you have to pay Rs. 3,000 per licence.

If the driver of a car that is being tested passes the test, the driver will also get the driving license.

There will be a fee of Rs. 5,000.

If this is the case, it’s recommended that you pay the fee of around Rs. 2,000 in advance.


A licence can only be valid for the life of the licence.

You have to keep the licence until you die.

If a driver is convicted for a serious offence, it will be cancelled.

The licence will be valid till death.


It’s best not to have a driver test centre for drivers that are driving with a family member or a relative.

Drivers that are in a hurry can cause accidents and will cause accidents, too.

Drivers who don’t know how to drive can cause serious accidents and it can even cause accidents.

Drivers also need training, and they need to know that they need the test to pass the exam.


There need to be a minimum of 60 drivers in the driving schools for each test centre.

The average number of test centres is about 70, but the number of drivers varies according to the location.


There needs to be at least two test centres in every school to have the proper conditions for driving.

The centres have to have cleanliness and air and they have to be separated from other schools and the roads.


There must be at the test centre proper a signboard with all the test centres’ logos.


There has to be enough parking space in the test centers for test drivers.

If there is too much parking space, it is not possible to test at the centre.


It is mandatory to carry a minimum number of valid driving licenses for test drives.

If it’s not possible for you to carry valid licenses, then you have no chance of passing the test and you can be disqualified.


It takes two months to pass a driving exam.

The testing centres in Hyderbadi have to send the test results to the state government.

It took about three months for Hyderabad to send results.


Drivers need to have an instructor to supervise them and ensure that they do the proper tests.

There have been several accidents in which drivers were not allowed to drive properly, so there needs to have more instructors.


If your parents don’t approve, then they have the option of driving for free.

If they approve, they need your permission to drive.


If no driving test is available in your town, then your school should be a local driving school.

You cannot get a licence for your school from the driving institute.


You should not be a driver if you are at school.

Drivers have to attend classes.


The NHA I and the IAF are the government bodies that oversee the driving industry in the country.

They have a set of rules that govern driving schools.

You will need to pass these tests to get your licence.


The government can grant or deny driving licenses.

You may be issued a licence by the NHA if

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