AUSTIN (AP) — A high school in southeast Texas has been forced to close after administrators found out that it had no high school football team, but it has a lot of kids who play it.

In September, a district that includes Carrollton High School found out it was one of only three schools in the entire Texas system that does not have a high school team.

It was in the middle of a school year when administrators learned that no high schools football team had been organized.

A high school that has been in existence for more than 50 years has had a football team for years, but no team of its own, said Steve Smith, the school district’s executive director.

The district has had no official announcement that the high school would no longer be a part of the district.

The school has been a part the Carrollton Community Schools since the late 1970s, but in recent years, the district had a smaller football team.

The school district also has been trying to recruit new football players.

But no one wants to be part of a program that’s a mess, Smith said.

It was the result of a long and complicated process, and now the school is not the school it was 50 years ago.

The Carrollton School Board has hired a consultant to review its athletic program.

The board could decide to replace the football team with another team, which would be subject to a new district ordinance.

It’s not clear if the new program would require the replacement of the Carrolltons football team or the replacement with another school.

In recent years the Carrolls have had to turn away many potential recruits because of the school’s failure to recruit enough players.

In 2016, the football program had only 13 players, and the program was ranked in the bottom half of all Texas high schools.

The only other team that has a history of playing football in Carrollton was a junior high football team in San Antonio.

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