The school bus is a huge part of Birmingham city schools.

But the cost of making one has been a sore point for some families. 

A few years ago, a mother and daughter decided they wanted to improve their bus by getting rid of the expensive seats and the big plastic seats. 

“I really don’t like to see my kids sitting in the back seat, especially when they’re going to school,” said Deborah Maitland, of Birmingham. 

Their bus was built to seat a total of 11 children and is called the Birmingham City Schools Bus.

“We decided we wanted to replace it with a cheaper one and make it more affordable for the families that have the money,” said Mrs Maitlands. 

It’s a common problem in Birmingham.

Birmingham has a population of 2.8 million, but the city schools buses cost about $300,000. 

The couple decided to make the bus a little more efficient and smaller. 

To make the new bus, Mrs Mayes family went to a local car shop and found the cheapest option.

They replaced the seats with foam cushions and then cut a hole in the middle.

The new seat is made of 2mm plywood and costs $20 to make.

“It’s the cheapest bus seat that we can find,” said the mother.

“I’m really happy we did it.

The new seat has the same dimensions as the original seat and the seat cushions have been designed to fit inside the seat. “

We didn’t want the seat to be too big or too small so we decided to go for the smaller seat.”

The new seat has the same dimensions as the original seat and the seat cushions have been designed to fit inside the seat. 

In the meantime, the couple have been using the new seat on their other bus and it’s working out well.

“My daughter really likes the bus.

It’s really quiet, it’s so quiet.

It goes from the back of the school bus to the front of the bus,” Mrs Mays said.

The bus will be used for many years to come, and the parents have even started a business.

“There are lots of other people that use the bus, so we have to make sure we are using it as much as we can,” said Deborah. 

She says the new seats will be made in China and the new model will be available in Birmingham as well as other parts of the country.

Birmingham City Schools has launched a campaign to raise money for the new school bus. 

If you want to help the family get rid of their old bus, they are asking you to make donations by making a $20 donation or a $50 gift card to the Birmingham Children’s Hospice.

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