By now, you probably know the basics about how to survive college without a degree.

You might even know the exact words to describe your first semester at your new school.

If not, here’s a refresher course.

The first semester The first thing to remember is that you’ll need to get your first real job, and that’s why you’ll be in a dorm.

This is important.

Your dormitory is your living space, and it’s where you can work, sleep, eat, and do your homework.

You won’t have the luxury of using your own room, but you will be allowed to have a desk, so it’s a good idea to have it.

It’s also good to make sure that you have a phone or tablet with you to communicate with your classmates.

If you do this, you’ll probably be able to talk to people on campus on Skype.

This can be useful for people who don’t have internet access.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the dorms.

If your dorm has an internet cafe, there’s a chance that there’s someone there to chat with.

This may mean you can talk to someone on campus or meet people from outside your class.

This isn’t a requirement, but it’s something to keep in mind.

If it’s possible, you can also make friends.

It helps to have some friends around if you’re going to live in dorms for the next year.

If they’re not students, you may want to make a list of people you think might like you.

Make sure you’re comfortable talking about your life and hobbies with them, and don’t be afraid to make eye contact with them.

This will help them feel comfortable around you.

You should also bring some friends along if you have one or two.

If there’s an older girl in your dorm, make sure she’s not too shy about asking to be your girlfriend.

Your classmates are usually pretty chill about dating, so make sure you keep that in mind and make sure they don’t take you seriously.

Be sure to dress for the weather.

It may be nice to wear a long skirt, a t-shirt, or a short one, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a slouch or look like you can’t breathe.

It doesn’t make you look like a student.

If this is your first time living in a campus, you should wear comfortable clothes that cover up your chest, stomach, or underarms.

These include shorts and a long sleeved shirt.

It also helps to dress smart.

For example, a short skirt is definitely a smart choice for someone who is starting their first year.

A blazer will also help.

Make a list about your social life.

If possible, make a note of who you hang out with, and who you talk to.

This way, you’re not stuck living with people who will probably have a difficult time.

This might include people you barely know, or people who aren’t particularly interested in you.

Don’t be shy about showing your friends that you’re still around.

When it comes to socializing, it’s best to make some friends.

Don and your roommate will probably be the first ones you make a friend with.

Don may be shy, but he will also be able talk to your roommate about anything you have in common, like your classes or your interests.

You don’t need to be the only one you hang with.

Make friends from other colleges.

If one of your roommates is a freshman or sophomore, make an effort to talk with him.

You may want him to hang out in your apartment or dorm room, or maybe go out with his friends.

If the freshmen and sophomores are really chill, they may even let you hang around in their dorms during the first week of classes.

Make some friends in your senior year If you’re a freshman, you might want to have your senior classes start soon.

It’ll be the best time to meet new people, and they might have a chance to start making friends.

But you won’t be able go to a party, or even to a bar for the first time.

There are a lot more parties and bars in your freshman year than there are in your sophomore year.

It will also take a lot longer for you to start having friends with new people.

You’ll also have to learn to interact with them in a more formal way.

This means that you may need to start talking to them in person.

This won’t help you learn more about them, but will make you feel more comfortable.

You will also need to learn about your classmates and what their experiences are like.

If a freshman doesn’t have a dorm room or roommate, you could also consider moving in with friends.

This doesn’t work if you are the only person in your new dorm.

If everyone is on campus, the best thing to do is to find roommates who are willing to share a dorm with you.

When you’re new to a dorm,

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