A former teacher has called for reform after the state education department’s chief education officer, Pauline Dutton, announced changes to the state’s education policy, saying it was not meeting state standards.

The National Teachers Union (NTU) said it had lodged a complaint with the department over Dutton’s decision to suspend a teacher for six weeks without pay for failing to meet an earlier recommendation that she attend a two-week leave course to address her “unprofessional behaviour” at a private school in the state capital.

“The NTB has repeatedly been made aware of the NTU’s concerns about the department’s response to the teacher’s resignation in April, and we have not heard back from the department,” NTU national secretary, James Ashby, said in a statement.

“This is a very sad and regrettable situation for the union and for all of us, and it is very important that the NTUs’ concerns are taken seriously.”NTU national president, David Rudge, said Dutton had not delivered on her promise to improve the state-funded school system and she had shown a lack of leadership in delivering on the NT’s education needs.

“Her response to our letter to the minister last week showed she has shown no respect for teachers or their needs,” Rudge said.

“I am absolutely confident that this will be the end of her career and her career as a public servant.”NTUs president, Mike Pakenham, said the NT was facing a “very difficult” time as a result of the Dutton decision.

“It’s a very difficult time for the unions.

The NTU has lost more than half its members since the Rudd Government took office in 2011,” he said.

“The union’s members have lost their jobs, their pensions have been cut and their jobs have been transferred to the Department of Education.”

Mr Rudge added the NT had “significant concerns” about the future of the National Teacher Training College, the NT Teachers Association, the National Association of Secondary Teachers and the NTA.

He said the union was not prepared to continue with its support for the NTPCC, which has faced several staff redundancies in recent years.

“We will not continue with the NTCC until there is a clear direction for it,” Mr Rudge continued.

“Our concern is that there is no direction given to the NTSC and we cannot trust that they are going to be able to do what they need to do.”

There is a lack to accountability for the NT Government.

The lack of accountability for NT Government is also a major reason why we have lost so many teachers.

“The NTU is calling for an immediate review of the education policy and said teachers needed to be trained to teach children who had not completed GCSEs.


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