The National Center for Learning Disabilities has released a report on the best and worst schools for students on the autism spectrum.

The Center looked at the number of students enrolled in four major schools in the U.S., the number who attended the schools, and the number with autism spectrum disorder.

The Center said it wanted to highlight the differences in students with and without autism spectrum disorders.

The top five schools for autism spectrum and non-autism spectrum students were found to be: * Penn State University: 2,547 students with spectrum disorder and 4,637 non-disabled students with disabilities.

* University of Wisconsin-Madison: 3,957 students with disorder and 2,958 non-disabled students with disability.

* Emory University: 4,527 students with non-schizophrenia spectrum disorder; 3,722 students with schizophrenia spectrum disorder, and 1,898 non-affected students with Schizophrenia.

For non-disease students, the average age was 12.5 years old.

For the spectrum disorder students, it was 14.2 years old, and for the non-diagnosed students it was 11.9 years old — which is about average for non-school students.

“The most striking finding is that non-academic achievement for students in the nonpsychotic disorder subgroup was significantly lower than the academic achievement of students in non-diagnosed subgroups,” the Center said.

While the schools that had the most students with autistic spectrum disorders were all located in the Midwest, the best schools for those with autism were located in New England, Texas, California, and Florida.

For non-student students, their average age of attendance was 9.8 years old (average for non student students was 9 years old).

The worst schools were found in the Northeast, the Midwest and the South.

To read more about autism, check out the report, below.

Source: Bloomberg

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