The Lincoln School District in South Carolina is currently in the process of revamping its website, and some students are concerned that it will be censored.

The district’s president, Bob Johnson, told a news conference this week that he’s concerned about what he’s seeing on the website, which includes a list of the schools that have been censors in recent years.

The school district has also had problems with a “sexually explicit video,” and students have reported having their school computers “locked down,” Johnson said.

“It’s definitely not a safe environment to be in,” Johnson added.

Some students have been reporting that they were unable to access certain classes because they were not able to log into the internet and access the website on their own.

Johnson also said that students are also concerned that they will not be able to get on to a computer if they are having a disciplinary hearing for sexual assault.

The Lincoln school district said in a statement that it is working to ensure that students have access to the internet, and the district is working with its parent and community groups to ensure students have the right information and resources at their disposal.

“As part of our efforts to ensure the safety and security of our students, we have engaged with our local law enforcement agencies to assist them in identifying and removing inappropriate content from the Lincoln School Website,” the statement said.

Johnson added that the district will continue to work to make sure students have information that they need to be able go to class, and he added that he hopes that students will not have to use the Lincoln website if they don’t want to.

The Hill has reached out to the Lincoln school for comment.

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