The federal government is in a bit of a bind as it tries to keep school districts in states that are already facing massive budget cuts as part of the fiscal cliff.

In addition to the states that will be facing the largest cutbacks, the other five states that rely heavily on school funding are also in the midst of massive budget reductions: Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Texas.

The following is a breakdown of the affected districts across the country: Broward County, Florida The Broward School District is a school district in Miami-Dade County, home to the city of Miami.

It’s been the victim of three school closings, two of which have occurred in recent years.

The first was in January 2018, when the school district was forced to shutter its two elementary schools in the Broward and Miami-Fort Lauderdale areas.

The district has been struggling with financial troubles and a shrinking enrollment for decades.

After a $500 million deficit was cut in the school year, the district announced it would close the elementary school.

It later announced it was going to reopen the elementary on July 1, 2019, when it would be closed again.

The school reopened after a temporary agreement was reached to reopen in October.

In March 2019, the school closed the remaining two elementary school in the district, and the district has yet to reopen them, according to the school’s website.

The Miami Herald reports that the district had been seeking a loan guarantee to help it with its budget woes.

At the time, school board member Carlos Diaz said the district was also in need of help in its ongoing fiscal crisis.

The Florida Department of Education announced that it was offering a $25 million loan guarantee that would be used to help the district with its financial situation.

Florida’s largest school district, the Miami-Gatorade School District, has been in a budget crisis since it closed its two high schools in February 2018.

According to the Miami Herald, the Florida Department Of Education said that the state had received $250 million in state aid from the federal government for its school aid, but that the school had only received $7.8 million in federal funds.

Miami-Dades County Schools is a small county school district located in Miami’s west side.

The community school district has only 1,100 students and is one of the poorest districts in the state.

On July 1st, 2019 it announced that the board of trustees would be seeking a $250,000 loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help with its funding situation.

Miami-Daytona Beach Public Schools was the only district in the county to announce that it would reopen.

A district that’s been in financial trouble since the closing of its schools in 2016, has also faced a funding shortfall since the school closers.

The county has a $5 billion budget shortfall.

Miami Beach County Schools has not yet released a statement about whether it will reopen its two middle schools, as well as the two elementary.

As for the district’s two elementary high schools, the Browards elementary school is one in a chain of nine elementary schools that is run by the Browardo County School District.

The other elementary school, the Boca Raton High School, is located on the grounds of the Miami Dolphins stadium.

Broward County Public Schools has had to cut the number of students from 1,700 to 1,140 over the past decade.

The number of kids in the elementary has decreased from 11,000 in 2016 to 5,000 students this year.

According to the BOCUSD website, the elementary schools have a $2.3 million budget deficit.

While many districts have been forced to close their schools, Broward, Miami-Lauderdale, and Miami Beach are still in the process of making money.

The Browards public school district is not going to close until it has reached a new financial plan.

The BOCSD has already said that it will not accept state aid, which has forced the district to cut $1.5 million from the budget, according the Miami New Times.

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