Parents of the Jefferson High School graduating class of 2020 are planning to attend the Academy Awards to show their support for the students who made the school and its community what it is today.

Jefferson High School, the oldest continuously operating high school in the state, has been a part of the state’s education landscape for decades.

It was founded in 1874, is located in Jefferson City and has been an official school district for over 30 years.

The school is currently home to approximately 40 students and a total of 864 students.

Jefferson is also home to two charter schools, one of which is headed by a woman named Michelle Johnson.

The other charter school, Jefferson Junior High, is headed up by a man named John Burt.

The Jefferson School District is also an official charter school in Mississippi, but it’s the oldest in the entire state.

Jeffersons students attend Jefferson High and are also known as the Jefferson School of History and Culture, the Jefferson Academy of Science and Technology and the Jefferson Heritage High School.

The first students to graduate from Jefferson High in 2019 were students from the Jefferson Junior Academy of Art, Technology and Commerce.

The school has also been featured in a short documentary, “The Jefferson School,” which will air on AMC on Sunday, May 12.

At the time of the documentary, Jeffersons graduation rates were extremely low, as a mere 20% of the graduating class achieved an associate’s degree, according to the documentary.

But since then, the graduation rates have risen to an astounding 76%, according to The Associated Press.

The school has seen a large increase in students from both high schools, from 2,746 students in 2019 to 5,564 students in 2020.

A majority of the students attending Jefferson High are African American, according a 2016 report by the state Department of Education.

“I think the whole school system needs to be more inclusive,” said Michelle Johnson, who will be graduating in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in public policy.

“We are the only school in Jefferson County that has a diversity of students and that’s just not happening.

I think it’s really important that we support each other.”

Johnson has graduated from Jefferson high school and she has been living in Washington, D.C., since graduating from high school.

She and her husband, David, have been working with a local group, The Jefferson Community Foundation, to help create a new scholarship program that will help disadvantaged students get the college degrees they need.

“This is a really good thing that we are seeing a lot of people doing, and I think that’s really good,” Johnson said.

“It’s important that they feel supported and that they have the support that they need to go to college.”

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