The first class of elementary school students from the U.S. and Canada will arrive on campus in June.

Schools in California and Texas will be preparing for the arrival of students from New Zealand, and the first class will arrive in August.

“We have a very high school student population that we are hoping to reach and have a positive impact on, and we are very excited about that,” said Jennifer Pritchard, a spokesperson for Pearson Education, a subsidiary of Pearson Education.

The first class is expected to enroll in the fall.

It will be the first in the U-4 grades.

For years, the majority of the country’s public schools were not accredited to meet national standards, but in 2015, the Trump administration approved the accreditation of charter schools.

Charter schools are allowed to use private schools to enroll students, but the rules require the schools to use the public system to educate students.

This class is the first of a group of students to be sent to high school in the United States, but this is the only class of students in the state that has a grade school component, according to the AP.

According to the school, the class will start at 6 a.m. and end at 8 p.m., with lunch scheduled for 4 p., and end by 10 p.

The schools are expected to hold their first orientation session on July 11.

Pritchard said charter schools have helped to “open up a path for students to get a chance to learn in the school environment.”

“As the charter school industry has exploded, so has our capacity to help them achieve higher education, and that’s why we are really excited to be in this industry and the opportunity to bring this new class of learners in,” Pritcher said.

More than 60 percent of students attend charter schools, according the AP, and charter schools now account for more than 80 percent of charter school enrollment nationwide.

About 40 percent of the students in New Zealand will be students from countries that do not require high school to be accredited, according AP.

The New Zealand government said it has not decided on the next destination for the students, though the country is home to about a quarter of the world’s population.

While students in this class may not be able to take the first day of school, they will still be allowed to participate in the daily activities and classes as they would in a high school class, said Pritbourne.

Students in this school are also expected to participate during the school year.

They will be able attend extracurricular activities, such as field trips and soccer, as well as other sports.

Pregnant women, students with disabilities, and students who are students of color will also be able participate.

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