St Lucies School for Boys is the latest school to receive $4 million in state funding, as it aims to boost its enrollment by up to 3,000 over the next four years.

The $1.5 million St Lucius Beauty School in St Augustine, one of the state’s newest school districts, is the second school in the state to receive state funding in recent years.

It is also the first St Lucier school to be awarded a state funding award since 2016.

St Lucie School for Girls, a new school in south St Luciers, is also receiving funding from the state for its new school, and is also in the process of awarding $1 million in support for its expansion.

St Lucias School for the Blind and Hearing Impaired, another new school on the St Lucises, is one of three schools receiving $500,000 from the school funding fund.

St Lucia School of Dentistry is also getting funding from that fund.

St Lucia School for Development is getting $2 million in the new year from the State of Florida.

The school will be funded by the state as part of a $500 million education package.

The St Lucia school district was named a top school for education in the Sunshine State last year, and was also voted the top school in Florida for students with special needs by the Florida Department of Education.

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