By Mark D. SmithEditorPublished September 03, 2018 10:16:38Guilford is in a tricky spot.

It is one of four districts in the county with a new district superintendent, but it is also the only one with an all-black board.

Its a situation the new district chief executive, Jim Baugh, says has become so critical it’s not even worth discussing.

The district is struggling to keep its enrollment in line with enrollment in the surrounding communities.

But the state’s newest school superintendent, Doreen Boughton, is not only the first black woman to hold that position, she is also a teacher, having taught at Guilford High School and St. John’s High School.

And yet, Guilfords schools have not been getting the help they need.

The school district has a budget deficit of more than $6 million.

The Guilfingers’ charter school, which was established in 2018, is in the midst of a $30 million renovation and has struggled with enrollment.

It has a teacher shortage, too.

It has also been dealing with a $2.3 million deficit in 2017.

The board is looking for $6.5 million in state funds to fix the school district’s finances.

Its chief financial officer, Daniel F. Smith, said the district is looking at a range of options, including borrowing and selling its property, to help it stay afloat.

Smith says Guilfs new superintendent is taking the situation seriously and the board is committed to working together with the superintendent.

He said the board was aware of the funding issue last year, but did not disclose it publicly.

He said the superintendent has the authority to negotiate with the district, but that the district must act to make sure that the money is used for the projects on which the district will be spending the money.

The district must also act to ensure that the superintendent is given the funds to do the projects he or she has been tasked with doing, Smith said.

If the district does not act to address the funding shortfall, the superintendent may not be able to hire a new superintendent, Smith added.

A charter school is not a school district, so it can’t borrow money.

But it can borrow money from the state to make improvements to the school, he said.

The county has a $3 billion budget deficit.

The state has spent about $1 billion on a series of capital improvements and renovations in the past few years.

The county has borrowed about $500,000 to make those improvements, Smith says.

The $6 billion shortfall is the first in Guilfort schools history.

It means a new charter school will have to be built and funded at a cost of $2 million to $2,500 per student, Smith estimates.

The charter school was created in the mid-1990s, when Guilfinger students started going to charter schools, he added.

It also means there will be a new school district of a different color.

There will be no black Guilfamily charter schools.

A Guilfin school district in Alabama.

(Courtesy of the Guilfrancisco Guilfiancisco Baugh)Smith says the board has been working with the school board and other community stakeholders to find ways to fix what the board believes is a structural problem.

The board is open to discussions, he says, but the board wants to make certain that the board understands how to make this work.

Guilfin schools are in a difficult spot because Guilfar families are predominantly white, but many of the schools are low-income and black.

That is, they are predominantly located in the suburbs and in rural areas.

Smith says the district has been using local community groups and school district leaders to help get Guilfolk to understand the district’s funding situation.

The new superintendent’s focus is to get more Gufolifers involved in the process.

She has hired an advisory committee of Guilferes to develop strategies for reaching out to Guilffies school board members.

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