AUSTIN — Top-ranked schools are earning a mixed reputation for their educational success in the U.S. as the government prepares to release a nationwide report Wednesday that shows schools in the nation’s capital and around the country are performing poorly.

Some schools in cities such as Washington and D.C., which have seen the largest growth in enrollment, are ranked in the top-10, while others are rated in the bottom 10.

Schools in the Southwest and Midwest and in the Northeast are also in the same category.

A ranking by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni that ranks schools by how many students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, a measure that is used to measure success, has drawn criticism from some lawmakers who say it unfairly targets schools that are already underperforming and have little to no financial backing from local governments.

Schools with the worst grades and low-performing students receive the lowest rankings, with schools rated in fourth and fifth place respectively.

The American Council on Education is recommending a federal government review of schools across the country.

The group has called for federal regulators to consider the academic performance of schools, whether they have financial support from local officials or are private schools.

The group said that in a survey of more than 2,000 teachers, principals, and other staff, they found that most of the schools with the lowest scores on the A-CAT are also the least academically successful.

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