WASHINGTON — The story of how one of the largest Christian schools in California, K-12 Christian, shut down in 2011 after a sexual abuse scandal, has become a nationwide conversation about what happens when one of America’s largest schools is shut down by a government agency.

The controversy has left students scrambling to learn more about what happened.

“This is the only time that I’ve ever seen an incident like this,” said Justin Smith, a junior at K-8 Christian in Santa Barbara.

Students have since created websites to catalog the incident, and now students are trying to make sense of the circumstances and how it affected them.

It’s been a whirlwind of information and research.

I’ve seen it go from being a normal school to this, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I just found out what happened.’

“The incident began on Oct. 17, 2011, when the district’s attorney found emails and phone records showing K-4 Christian was allegedly sexually abusing students at a K-6 residential school.

Smith said he and several other students were expelled from K-9 Christian when their names were sent to an attorney who filed a report.

According to K-5 Christian, Smith was among the students accused of sexual misconduct.

After being fired from K9 Christian, students at K5 Christian and K-7 Christian were put on a “voluntary leave” to work at K7 Christian, a non-profit that serves children in need in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

When the program closed, K7 was supposed to help students “return to the safety of the home” with an education program.

K-9 Christians also operated a daycare, but students said it wasn’t a safe environment.

In 2012, K8 Christian was also placed on a voluntary leave after an investigation found that K-3 Christian was not providing adequate oversight of the school, according to a lawsuit filed by students against the school.

The lawsuit also said that K8’s parents were unaware of child abuse allegations against K3 Christian, and the district was not following up on the reports.

As a result, K9 was forced out of K-1 Christian, the school in Santa Ana, and in 2015 K-2 Christian was put on voluntary leave.

That school, as well as K-10 Christian, were forced to shut down because of the scandal.

With K-11 Christian closing, students in other schools were forced into the system.

For some students, the scandal is just the beginning.

A few years ago, students said they went to the district office to report sexual abuse, but they were told by staff to stop.

There were some signs that the school was taking more of a “hands-off” approach.

But in the end, K10 Christian closed after two years.

This school is a Christian high school, and you’re going to be a Christian, K2 said in an email.

Then we have a staff member who was at the school that is not going to talk about what has happened, and we are being told not to talk to anybody because we are a Christian.

Even though the school had some staff members who were gay, they were not being treated as second-class citizens, K1 said in a letter to the students.

We were given a place to go, and it was not safe.

The staff member was told not talk to us because we were a Christian student, and she was a Christian employee, he said.

So what do we do?

But for the students at the other schools, the story didn’t end there. “

If we do not take the time to figure this out, we are going to have another school closure and we don’t know when.”

But for the students at the other schools, the story didn’t end there.

They were told to report any suspected sexual abuse to the local district attorney.

But the district attorney’s office, which had investigated the allegations, did not report the allegations to the police or even to the K-line.

Now the district is facing a federal investigation.

The investigation is examining how K-14 Christian and other Christian schools were allowed to continue operating while the allegations against them were being investigated.

At K-15 Christian, which was also a Christian institution, a lawsuit alleges that a board member and other administrators were aware of and covered up sexual misconduct on the school’s campus.

Former K-18 Christian students said administrators knew of abuse at other schools but kept the school afloat and closed it.

Some of the students said that when they reported sexual abuse they were discouraged from coming forward, because the administrators would not want to be accused of discrimination.

Many students at these schools said they had no other option, said K-20, a former K-19 Christian student who said she left the school last year

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