The sequel to the 2014 “Tiny” is coming to theaters this summer, but that doesn’t mean the new movie will be any less fun.

The first “Tale of Two Worlds” will premiere in August, while the new “Wolves” will arrive in theaters this year.

It’s no surprise that the first film’s first trailer shows off a new creature from the “Wolverine” universe.

The latest trailer from “WOLVES” director/producer/writer/star Josh Boone shows a brand new “Gigantor” that looks like a giant spider, with a head similar to a human’s.

It looks to be an older version of the “Giant” from the original “Wolvings.”

The trailer opens with a quick shot of Boone’s character and his family as they go to dinner with the other children of the family.

They see a giant monster, which they promptly flee from, leaving them to watch as the creature destroys everything around them.

Boone also tells the story of a man who has been bitten by the monster and has lost his memory, while he continues to try to find a way to stop it.

In the film, Boone plays the son of the local mayor, and he takes up the role of the leader of the townspeople in his fight against the creature.

Boone is also the one who finds the “monster,” and he fights it with his own two hands.

Boone says the film will be a “perfect example of why we should have kids.”

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