More than half of Georgia’s public schools are failing to meet national benchmarks, according to data from the National Science Foundation.

The results from the state’s statewide assessment, the Georgia State Standards, show that about 10 percent of public schools across the state are in the bottom third of the state.

The schools that scored the worst in the state were those that do not have the highest proportion of students attending on-time or who are failing at school, according the report released Tuesday.

The results come as Georgia’s state budget has been set to close.

Georgia lawmakers approved a $2.5 billion budget proposal in June, but it will expire on September 30.

That means lawmakers are set to make some tough decisions this year about what to cut, which schools to cut and what to keep.

The Georgia State Standard is a statewide assessment that evaluates schools based on how they perform on the state and federal assessments.

Each school is assigned a grade based on the number of students enrolled, attendance, attendance and attendance rate, according this information from the Georgia Department of Education.

The average school is given a “C,” the worst possible grade for students.

The highest-scoring schools are considered “B” and the lowest schools are “A” and “B.”

In addition to the Georgia Standard, the state assesses schools for the number and diversity of students who are attending on time, how they treat staff, how students learn, how well they conduct themselves and how well students perform in the classroom.

The schools in the top third of performance score the highest scores.

The state reports that the schools that score the lowest on the standard are the most segregated and have the lowest proportion of minorities.

The lowest-scoring districts have the largest racial disparities in attendance, and the schools with the highest proportions of students from low-income families are the least segregated, according TOF.

In the district of Georgia, which has the largest proportion of African-Americans in Georgia, the average school scores a “D” and has a disproportionate number of minority students.

Schools in the lowest-performing district, which includes Georgia City, are the smallest minority schools in Georgia.

The districts with the lowest black students, however, are more segregated than the districts with high percentages of black students.

The districts with lower proportions of black and Hispanic students also score higher in attendance.

Schools with lower percentages of African American students also have the smallest proportion of black children, and schools with higher percentages of Hispanic students have the most students of any minority group.

The data comes from the 2015-16 assessment, which the state used to evaluate schools.

To be considered “top performing,” schools must have achieved scores in a number of categories including on-site instruction, student discipline, student performance, attendance on-task, attendance rate and student engagement, TOF said.

Schools are not graded based on their academic performance in the past year, however.

The state also conducts an annual evaluation that gives districts a score based on student demographics, student achievement, students’ academic achievement, student learning and student social engagement, according ToF.

The district scoring is based on students’ graduation rate and the number or percent of students graduating from high school.

To calculate the score, ToF uses data from 2015-2016, and then adds the scores of districts with more than 10 percent African Americans in the population.

For example, the district with the largest number of African Americans is considered “high school high.”

In this case, the school scored a “B,” meaning it had the lowest percentage of African students in the school population.

The score for districts with 10 percent or more African Americans and the highest percentages of students of other minority groups is “high,” the report states.

In other words, a district with 100 percent African American and Latino students has a score of “C.”

The average district with a “A,” “B and “C” grade has a “high” grade in every category except for attendance, according The Georgia School Improvement Association.

The average district that scores “A or higher” has the lowest attendance rate in the country.

Teachers and administrators say the district’s failure to score in the middle is a result of poor communication, which resulted in some schools being given low marks for poor attendance.”

I can understand why some districts may be given low scores on a score basis.

It’s frustrating to be honest with you, but I can understand that, and that’s the reality,” Georgia School Board President Joe Miller said.”

We just want to make sure we’re meeting our mission to have the best education in the State of Georgia,” he added.

The school board voted to cut nearly 1,100 jobs this year, and Miller said they are working to get the district back on track.

He said that, while some of the cuts have been made, it is not the end of the road.”

The district has been on the right track for the last several years, and we will get back

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