Posted July 03, 2020 07:33:11 When a dental hygeneist is in the office, you can be assured the student is “fit” for the position, even if the dental hygeineist isn’t fully trained.

But when it comes to a student with learning disabilities, the answer isn’t “yes”, nor is it “no”.

And it’s not just the students who have issues with dental hyges.

In January 2018, the Sarasota County School District in Florida was embroiled in controversy after it was revealed a teacher had refused to allow a pupil with learning difficulties to participate in a classroom.

The pupil, who was in the process of transitioning from female to male, had complained that the teacher didn’t allow her to use the bathroom.

Instead, the teacher, who is also a student teacher, insisted that the pupil should wait until her next class to use a restroom, which she described as “abnormal”.

The school district’s superintendent said in a statement that the matter had been referred to the Sarasota County Dental Hygiene Commission, and the department was in contact with the teacher and her parents.

“In this case, the dental hygiene commission acted appropriately in resolving the matter and will review the matter with the district, district staff, and parents of the student,” the statement read.

The commission’s executive director, Karen Johnson, told the Sarasotas County News-Journal that the district’s board of trustees had decided not to discipline the teacher.

“We will work with the student and her family to support her through this difficult time,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, the school district had also agreed to reimburse the student’s dental hygieant for her surgery.

Sarasotas schools have had an increased number of complaints of students who can’t use the restroom.

In May, the Florida Department of Education reported that more than 2,500 students have had complaints about the state’s schools in the past three years.

In the past two years, the number of students with disabilities has doubled, and more than 500 students have been disciplined for not using a restroom.

While many parents and students agree that the lack of bathrooms is a serious problem, the lack, particularly of toilets, has made it difficult for many students to use them, as well as having a negative impact on school environments.

Students with learning and behavioural disabilities often have difficulty with the concept of privacy and the importance of privacy, said the University of Miami’s School of Communication.

In June, the University reported that there had been a 26 per cent increase in the number in-person bullying incidents, from 1,073 incidents in 2016 to 1,091 incidents in 2017.

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