Schools rated in worst-to-best rankings, according to USA Today

AUSTIN -- Top-ranked schools are earning a mixed reputation for their educational success in the U.S. as the government prepares to release a nationwide report Wednesday that shows schools in the nation's capital and around the country are performing poorly.Some schools in cities such as Washington and D.C., which have seen the largest growth in enrollment, are ranked in the

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Why New York Public Schools Could Soon Be the Next ‘Crazytown’

New York City Public Schools could soon become the next "crazytown" after a federal judge ruled the district failed to provide adequate oversight and education for students.The ruling, issued on Monday, marks the second time in the past few months that a federal appeals court has found the district lacked sufficient oversight and educational oversight.The first time, in July, the

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NYC schools reopen after two days of lockdown

More than two days after schools reopened, the New York City Department of Education is again offering guidance on how to use school systems data to improve student performance.The city is now recommending that districts consider combining data from multiple school systems to identify trends in student achievement, according to a draft of the document released on Wednesday.The revised guidance,

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How much will the Rockefeller High School cost?

By CBS NEWS Staff Writer April 18, 2019 07:22:55The Rockefeller High school, a new school built in Desoto County, Arizona, will be $3 million over budget.It will be a $5 million improvement over the previous school, which was $2.9 million overbudget.The new school has an enrollment of 2,800 students, but many students will be transferred from other schools, such as

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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